Test ECOmove QBEAK Electric Vehicle

ECOmove QBEAK Electric Vehicle


EU Climate Action Commissioner Connie Hedegaard introduced Ecomove’s innovative electric car, QBEAK. Connie Hedegaard, soon after revealing the car, took the chance to obtain further information regarding the four door and its climate advantages. The…

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porsche 929 concept julliana cho

The Porsche 929 Concept


The Porsche 929 Concept – This four seater automobile concept with gullwing doorways by designer Julliana Cho is straight up bad assness. I am not entirely sure precisely what gullwing doors are…however think that may…

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lamborghini lmp f concept

Lamborghini LMP-F


Imagine a Formula 1 Lamborghini car that can also compete at Le Mans. Lamborghini originates up a distinctive racing vehicle concept created because the Lamborghini LMP-F Race Vehicle. Mixing the individuality of both F1 and…

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semi rigid car emergent

Semi-Rigid Car

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Semi-Rigid Car – Concept cars in the history of the motor vehicle industry, though usually produced for brand marketing purposes, amount to, arguably, an avant-garde. The particular evolutionary development of which industry has always depended…

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