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Audi A0 Monocycle Angel Sanchez Vargas

Audi A0 Monocycle


Audi A0 Monocycle – The A0 Monocycle, a undertaking sponsored by Audi Design Research Munich, will be aimed at the VW driver that in conjunction with their vehicle would allow maximum mobility in the urban…

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Audi A3 concept/Standaufnahme

Audi A3 Concept Car

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Audi A3 Concept is really a four-seat sedan which has a overall measurement of 18.57 ft. (Several.44 m), Several.56 ft. (A single.39 m. large) and dynamic proportions ranging from 1.Eighty-four meters or Four.56 ft. higher….

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Audi quattro concept/Standaufnahme

Audi Quattro Concept Car

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Audi’s Quattro is the epitome involving perfectly combined attributes of a champion generator sport car. By just looking at the appearance of the Audi Quattro concept-hefty, solid and dominant-it already reveals your capabilities and potential…

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